Workout Archives

Here you’ll find a list of previous finals workouts from across the years that Pound For Pound has been running. You can use these workouts to train for the competition or just throw into your training for some fun bodyweight related workouts. Enjoy!



WoD 1

(5 min time cap)

Find 1 rep max Cluster

% of bodyweight lifted. 


WoD 2

(4mins work – 1 minute rest – 4 mins work)

75% of Bodyweight

30 seconds for max reps of – power cleans

40 seconds for max reps of – front squat

50 seconds for max reps of – over bar hand release burpees

120 seconds for max reps of – C2B Pull-ups

1 minute rest



WoD 3

(5 min time cap)

9x Muscle-Ups

20x Pistols

7x Muscle-Ups

20x Pistols

5x Muscle-Ups

20x Pistols

3x Muscle-Ups


WoD 4

(5 min time cap)

70% of bodyweight men

60% of bodyweight women

30x Hang Snatch

5x down-ups penalty if bar is dropped


WoD 5

(5min time cap)

100% of bodyweight

3x rounds for time

12x front squat

60x Unbroken Double unders



(6 min time cap)

3x Rounds

1x Deadlift – 2x bodyweight

2x Muscle-Up

3x Squat Clean 1x Bodyweight

4x HSPU’s



WoD 1

5 rounds for time:

6x Deadlift at 150% bodyweight

6x Over bar burpees with head touch

6 min time cap


WoD 2

8min AMRAP ascending ladder


Overhead Squat at 50% bodyweight

Toes to Bar

30x Double unders


WoD 3



Thrusters at 65% bodyweight


8 min time cap


WoD 4A

5min AMRAP:

10x Pistols

5x Burpee – head touch ring touch

10x Toes through rings

2 min rest


WoD 4B

5 mins to find max weight complex:

1x Snatch, 1x Hang Snatch, 2x Overhead Squats




90 secs Max effort Handstand press ups

90 secs Max effort Hang Cleans @ 70% BW

90 secs Shoulder to Overhead @ 70% BW

90 secs Max effort Chest to Bar Pullups



15 muscle ups

50 cal row

6 widths OH lunge

50 cal row

10 prowler widths



WoD 1

7mins Max Weight Complex:

1x Clean

1x Hang Clean

2x Shoulder to Overhead


WoD 2

For Time:

150x Thrusters

Male – 40% Bodyweight

Female – 35% Bodyweight

7min time cap


WoD 3

For Time (10min time cap):

18 – 12 – 6

Snatch – 60/50% Bodyweight

Pull Ups – Male Chest to Bar

6 – 12 – 18

Overhead Squat – 60/50%

Burpees Over Bar


WoD 4

Part A – For Time:

30x Squat Cleans

90/80% Bodyweight

4 min time cap

1 min REST

Part B – 4 mins:

20x Muscle Ups – male

12x Muscle Ups – female

AMRAP Pistol squats


WoD 5

Part A

Inside 90secs:



Press Ups

Part B

Inside 90secs:


Toes to Bar

Part C

Inside 90secs:






For Time:                               

5x Rope Climbs – Buy In                                 


Shoulder to Overhead


Double Unders                                   


Male – 70% Bodyweight        

Female – 60% Bodyweight


2017 Online Qualifier Workouts

WoD 1 
Part A
3mins to find a 1rep max back squat 
Score is percentage of body weight lifted. 

Part B
Max rep front squats in 2mins 
Male athletes – 80% body weight 
Female athletes – 70% body weight 

WoD 2
9min AMRAP:
2 rounds of 
15x overhead squats 
15x toes to bar
2 rounds of 
15x hang snatch 
15x chest to bar pull-ups (male), pull-ups (female) 

WoD 3
Shoulder to overhead
Pistol squats 
100 double unders after each round