Pound For Pound Masters

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We are super excited to announce the edition of a Masters category to Pound For Pound 2017, inviting male and female athletes aged over 40 to compete against the young guns!

Masters athletes will have to complete the online qualifiers alongside the rest of the field, but the percentage weights and some movement standards will be adjusted accordingly to suit the older athlete (details of exact percentages & standards will be released with each workout). 

Most movements will remain the same across the board, but we will follow a similar masters scaling protocol as the CrossFit Games (e.g. C2B Pull Ups instead of Muscle Ups for male athletes and Pull Ups for female athletes). The prescribed weight for each workout will also be scaled accordingly to suit the master athlete, while maintaining a challenging level for all. 

The top Masters athletes from the male and female categories will then be invited to compete at the Pound For Pound Finals on July 29th & 30th

To register your place in the qualifier workouts, please click the “Qualifier Registration” link in the top menu bar and select a “Masters Athlete” ticket. 



The Pound For Pound Masters 2017 is proudly brought to you by Pangea Biomedical.