What is the expected standard for the athletes who enter?faqs1
Muscle Ups, double-unders, toes to bar, 75% bodyweight snatch, bodyweight clean, handstand walks and strict handstand press-ups. 

Masters Men: Chest to bar pull-ups, toes to bar, double-unders, 60% bodyweight snatch and 80% bodyweight clean.

Women: Chest to bar pull-ups, toes to bar, double unders, 70% bodyweight snatch, 90% bodyweight clean and handstand press-ups.

Masters Women: Pull-ups, toes to bar, double-unders, 55% bodyweight snatch, 70% bodyweight clean.


The movements highlighted above are guidelines and won’t necessarily be used in the online qualifiers, but this is to give an idea of movement and strength proficiency. 

How do I sign up to the qualifiers?
Just click on the ‘Online Qualifiers’ page on the menu above and follow the on-screen instructions. 

How many qualifiers are there?
There will be three qualifiers released and you have until a specific date to submit all three of your scores at once. There is only one submission deadline for all three qualifier workouts. 

How do I submit a weight for the qualifiers?
We will require all athletes to video themselves on the scales, along with a shot of the weight reading for EACH qualifier workout. You will then have to calculate the weight required for the workout and show the plates on the bar (if necessary) as part of each of your submitted qualifier videos. 

How do I calculate the weight needed on the bar?

To calculate the weight required for the qualifier workouts as a percentage of your bodyweight, all you need to do is type your bodyweight into your calculator and then times it by the percentage that we have asked for in the workout. For example, if we ask for 60% bodyweight, the calculation you would need to do is (Your Bodyweight x 0.6 = required weight). You would then to round up or down to the nearest half kilogram and load your bar accordingly. 

For more information click on the ‘Video Submission Guidelines’ button below. 

Do I need a judge?

Yes, all athletes will need to be judged by a person that holds either a CF Level 1 or the current CF Games Online Judges Course. This is required to uphold the standards of the movement and make sure that the athletes that are making the finals have made them legitimately. 

We will also check the video submissions to make sure that the movement standards are upheld by the judges too. 

How do I submit a qualifier score and video?

Qualifier scores will need to be submitted via ‘Score Submission’ page along with your bodyweight, judges name and the YouTube link to your qualifier video. More details of submission video guidelines can be found by following the link below:

Video Submission Guidelines


How many people will go through to the finals?
The top 120 athletes (60 Rx men, 40 Rx women, 10 masters men and 10 masters women) will progress to the Pound For Pound finals, held at UNIT 22 Northampton. 

Is there an entry fee to compete at the finals once I qualify?

Yes, once you’ve been notified that you’ve qualified for the finals you’ll be asked to register your place at a price of £50 for each athlete. 

Is there a difference between the percentages and skills used for men and women in the competition?
In short, yes. As the competition evolves we respect that the female athletes need to be catered for with regards to the percentage of weight we ask them to lift compared with the male athletes. Female athletes will typically be using 5-10% less of their bodyweight than the male athletes in barbell movements and some of the gymnastic movements will be different (for example – chest to bar pull-ups instead of muscle ups). By introducing the qualifiers it will mean we can programme accordingly as we will know what the athletes that are competing are capable of.

Why are kettlebells and box jumps not used in Pound for Pound workouts?
Kettlebells cannot be used as a relative strength marker due to their fixed weight increments. Box jumps again have set heights and we realize that athletes also vary in height as well as weight. We are always trying to improvise and make sure the playing field is as level as possible however with these two moves in particular it would be theoretically unfair to the bigger or taller athlete.


Workout Archive – You can find all the previous finals weekend workouts via the link below:


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